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Mar 20, 2017

"The Farmer & The City Girl Podcast Episode 011 - First Hand Account of the Wildfires in Kansas"

In this episode, Carrie and Rob are stepping away from their one on one conversation to talk to two people helping with the wildfires affecting Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas.

Denton Clark of Clark Farms went to help with fire mitigation, as he states, there’s no stopping a fire of this magnitude, you’re just trying to saves people’s farms.

He described what he saw as “nothing short of hell”. When you’re fifteen miles away and you can see the flames clear as day, and the wooden bridges you’re driving across is on fire, it becomes real.

Sean Harmon, a grain farmer from Iowa offered the use of his truck and trailer to haul extra hay, he grabbed his young daughter and headed south.

When she goes back to school after spring break, she’ll be able to tell the story to children not involved with agriculture. Without even realizing it she’ll be acting as an ambassador bridging the gap between farmer and consumer.

According to Sean the photos you see online just doesn’t do the actuality justice. He says he can’t express how insane it is, he heard about it on the news but seeing it in real life took his breath away.

For links to where you can help go to: