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Feb 20, 2017

"The Farmer & The City Girl Podcast Episode 007 - The Grain Farmer vs The Paleo Diet, Fad Diets, the Oprah vs the Cattlemen Issue and the Food Evolution"  

Once upon a time there was a girl who needed a healthy recipe for dinner. She looked at all the diet cook books in her pantry and thought “hmmm, I wonder if fad diets affect the farmers.”

So she asked one.  

In this episode, Rob and Carrie are chatting about diets, they focus mostly on the Paleo Diet but touch on other fads as well.

  • How Rob feels about something like the Paleo Diet which is grain free as a grain farmer.
  • His thoughts on a previous experience with the Pork Producer Association.
  • How farmers “agvocate” (or don’t) against fad diets.
  • Food portions, what part of a diet is the most important for losing weight, American clothes sizes compared to Asian clothes sizes.
  • And Rob tells a funny story about eating butter in Japan.
  • They talk about the “blindly follow Oprah/Dr. Oz” mentality and how the modern age has brought about a need for information and research.
  • And then they wonder do consumers really want lean meat? Or has the food evolution changed that mentality?


  • Farmers: Do you know of past examples where someone famous/influencer has made a bold opinion that affected food markets.
  • Consumers: What eating habits have you changed that has affected you in a positive or negative way? And what fad diets have you tried, was it because your friends turned you on to it?
  • How many of you loved (or still love) the McRib????

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